Thursday, April 9, 2020

Down in the Chthonic Depths' Secret Jackalope Present to Me - Cafe Prost

There's a springtime prompt-trading blogathon going on right now called Secret Jackalope, and I'm participating this year! I'll be posting my submission here soon. But in the meantime, I wanted to shine a spotlight on Down in the Chthonic Depths, who answered my prompt.

I asked for "A small coffee-house dungeon, either - daytime (filled with factions) or nighttime (ready to heist), your choice!"

Molly J and Nick S went above and beyond with their submission - Cafe Prost and the Little Red Notebook

Secret police! The resistance! A criminal gang! A little red notebook that everyone wants to get their hands on! Plus 36 more café patrons with agendas of their own, looking for a place to read or a a chance to meet a lover, who you can try to inveigle in your schemes.


  1. I've fallen way out of the loop and don't know where this secret jackalope is happening but would be interested in participating. My blog is and I can share my prompt wherever I'm supposed to (as soon as I come up with one...)

    1. James from Ten Foot Polemic organized this one, over on the OSR Discord server. I only knew because Ancalagon from Of Slugs & Silver pinged me. There's a channel dedicated to it on that server, though.

      The "presents" are due in mid-April, and the assignments were given out in mid-March. So the time to watch for the next Secret Santicorn, for example, would be late October, early November.