Tuesday, August 25, 2020

DCC Occupations for the Occupationist's Female Relative

A recent comment on my post about the trend of naming books for "the occuaptionist's female relative" gave me the idea that it might be fun to use these as 0th-level occupations for Dungeon Crawl Classics. The result is a varied and interesting list, different from anything I would have written myself, in a way that I find appealing.

Roll 1d20 to determine your relative's occupation. This provides your trained skill, your starting weapon, and one piece of equipment. Roll 1d6 to determine your relationship to them. This provides your Lucky Sign and a single-use magic item.

Ronja, the (12) Robber's (2) Daughter


1   Antelope - antelope's horns (1d6, use crit table M) - bottle of antelope milk

2   Bonesetter - bone saw (as short-sword) - bandage and batch of plaster

3   Clockmaker - clockmaker's tools (as dagger, usable as thieves' tools) - clock missing 1d4 parts

4   Hangman - length of executioners's rope (as garrote, wielder can Backstab as Thief) - 2 gold coins

5   Heretic - cruciform dagger - apocryphal illuminated manuscript missing 1d4 pages

6   Hummingbird - rapier (as short sword) - green feathered cloak

7   Kitchen God - fireplace iron (as mace) - 12 small cakes with silver coins baked inside

8   Liar - club - deck of marked cards and set of weighted dice

9   Lighthouse Keeper - lamplighter's pole (as staff) - lantern and flask of lamp oil

10 Memory Keeper - shepherd's crook (as staff) - handwritten chronicle of your village's history

11 Orphan Master - willow switch (as club) - large gunny sack

12 Robber - shortbow - climbing rope and key to the city jail

13 Stargazer - sling - telescope and hand-drawn celestial map

14 Taxidermist - flensing knife (as dagger) - glass jar of formaldehyde and pair of glass eyes

15 Tiger - tiger's teeth (1d8, use crit table M) - children's book of jungle animal stories

16 Time Traveler - deer-hunting bow (as shortbow) - pocketwatch that runs backward

17 Traitor - backstabbing knife (as dagger, wielder can Backstab as Thief) - letter of marque

18 Witch - broom (as staff) - talking cat (AC 11, 1 hp, MV 20' or climb 10', SV +0, AL  N)

19 Witchfinder - witch-pricking needle (as dagger) - flask of holy water

20 Zookeeper - catch pole (no damage, but add +1d6 to grappling roll) - giraffe calf (as pony)


Daughter - hp/level and Deity Disapproval - saint's medallion (use in prayer to heal 1d4 hp)

Daughter - Initiative and Thief skills - magic arrow (+1 to attack and damage, ignore resistance, can be wielded as dagger)

Daughter - Reflex saves and Grappling checks - rag doll (use to change fumble to miss)

Sister - Armor Class, ability checks, and occupational skill checks - jade amulet (1 point of Luck to spend)

Wife - Fortitude saves and damage rolls - manticore's tooth (use to change hit to critical hit)

6  Wife - Willpower saves and spellcasting checks - oracle bones (consult to learn if planned action is weal or woe, 75% accurate)

Thank you to mudfish for the inspiration!


  1. This is cool!

    The hints of significance are a nice touch (antelopes don't shed their horns, so the original owner is probably dead!). Some flavorful items here.

    1. I tried looking up summaries of the books for hints where I could.

      For the Antelope and Tiger, I somewhat imagine that the relative has horns or teeth of her own, but they're open to interpretation - they could be mementos from a deceased father/husband/brother.

  2. Nice addition to the already teaming 0th level.

    1. Thank you! Every DCC campaign needs a 0th level occupation list, so I have some hope of these getting used.