Sunday, September 13, 2020

Player Art - The Evolution of Jimbo Chirrup

Over the course of my GLOG Wizard City game, Josh Burnett has done several sketches of his character, Jimbo Chirrup, the grasshopperfolk garden-wizard.

Here's Jimbo before our first session. Poor little guy. He has no idea what grad school is going to do to him. Yeah, I was young and naive like that once too.

This is Jimbo after his second year as a master's student. Crippled by magical mental illnesses, afflicted with a drinking problem, bandaged around the thorax to stop his cracked exoskeleton from leaking hemo-fluid. That's the grad school we all remember.

Now we're really talking. This here is COLLEGE college!

Here we see Jimbo at the end of his third year. He's pretty much abandoned all his former ideals and morals and leaned in to the whole evil wizard thing. He has a badass Hell Gun, a demon hat, a pet cat, a soul condemned to Hell, (wait, what was that last one?), and his own evil apprentice, (no, before that-) Birdie Boombatz, the sparrowling biomancer wizard, a member of the Sisters of the Cell, the Omicron Delta Theta sorority (-the soul thing?)

His people sent him off to ag school to study farming, and he came back with plans to set up a special kind of lottery to help the harvest...


  1. This art is wonderful - really gets you in the swing of things.

    1. It's a side benefit of having a talented artist in my playing group! (I say side, benefit, because I feel like the main benefit is that Josh is a fun player and good GM.) Even his hasty mid-game sketches look good enough to share!