Thursday, January 10, 2019

Secret Santicorn 2018

A group of D&D bloggers ran a "Secret Santicorn" this year. I didn't participate, but did notice the posts appearing in my blog's sidebar, and I'm capable of following links, so I decided to reconstruct as much of it as I could.
"Secret Santicorn" works like any other gift exchange - each blogger makes a request for a D&D article, and fulfills one request made by someone else. Many of this year's participants are part of what I consider the GLOG-o-sphere. I believe that the exchange was set up on Discord, so it's possible that some requests were fulfilled there. While I can tell that I don't have all of it, I can't tell how much of it I'm actually missing. It could be as few as 3 entries, or there could be longer chains that are missing.
(Note, because of the way the gifts are exchanged, the completed blog entry list is like a circle. I've chosen to start with Throne of Salt, but I could have begun anywhere.)
On the first day of Christmas, Throne of Salt wrote "Animal Mutation Table" for Dungeon Antology,

On the second day of Christmas, Dungeon Antology wrote "The Rift Unending" for Demogorgonia,
On the third day of Christmas, Demogorgonia wrote "The Hyperlight Dragon Kills You in Reverse" for Ten Foot Polemic,
On the fourth day of Christmas, Ten Foot Polemic wrote "The Powerglass" for Unreal Star,
On the fifth day of Christmas, Unreal Star wrote "Santa's Sack is Full of Guts This Year" for The Die Uncast,
On the seventh day of Christmas, The Whimsical Mountain wrote "Kowloon Planet, High Rise Defenses and More" for Buildings are People,
On the eighth day of Christmas, Buildings are People wrote "Sci-Fantasy Extraterrestrial Race" for wr3cking8a11,
On the tenth day of Christmas, Unlawful Games wrote "The Magician plus Bonus" for SherlockHole,
On the twelfth day of Christmas, Rogue's Repast wrote "The Alchemist's Basement" for The Bogeyman's Cave,
On the thirteenth day of Christmas, The Bogeyman's Cave wrote "Ke'Sik Locales and Encounters" for Dungeonliar,
On the fourteenth day of Christmas, Dungeonliar wrote "Codpiece Crafting" for Tales of Absolute Doom,
On the fifteenth day of Christmas, Tales of Absolute Doom wrote "Unicorn, GLOG Race-as-Class" for The Bottomless Sarcophagus,
On the sixteenth day of Christmas, The Bottomless Sarcophagus wrote "4d12 Supernatural Mystery Clues or Occult Sacrifice Components" for Hmmm Marquis,
On the seventeenth day of Christmas, Hmmm Marquis wrote "Mothership Culture Tables" for Throne of Salt,
... and a partridge in a pear tree!


  1. Thanks for collecting them in one place! (Even if some entries are missing)

    1. Thanks, Ynas! The moment I started seeing these I knew I'd want to see them all in one place.

  2. I always enjoy your curating posts! I'll need to get in on this Santicorn business next year, methinks.

    1. Thanks, Martin! And yeah, you'd make a great addition to the effort.

  3. Hmm, by chance I just found two more. Day 6 is still missing, however...

    On the sixth-and-a-half day of Christmas, Save vs Hollowing wrote "Music Dragons" for Two Goblins in a Trenchcoat:

    On the sixth-and-three-quarters day of Christmas, Two Goblins in a Trenchcoat wrote "Charlatans" for The Whimsical Mountain:

  4. I've found one more, which fixes the hole where day 9 should be:

    On the ninth day of Christmas, A Swamp in Space wrote "The Lich Who Saved Christmas" for Unlawful Games: