Friday, July 21, 2017

Redlands Campaign - Preview of the Buildings of South Central Mor

Below is a map of a district of mostly-intact buildings that my players found on their first voyage into the ruined Imperial city of Mor.

The orchard the players found is in the Hex marked T17, and the two clusters of buildings they could see from the planting are to the east, still inside the same grouping.

I thought that stocking those buildings using the guidelines in Lesserton & Mor would take longer than I wanted to spend mid-session, (and it did!), so I decided to prep them ahead of time. I also decided to randomly generate the contents of the adjoining hexes to see if any additional buildings turned up (and they did!)

The result is that amidst the piles of rubble, the relatively clear spaces, and the sections of vegetation, there are 7 hexes with buildings, totaling around 20 structures. But what are those two different grey areas? And what kinds of inducements might tempt my players to venture into any of the ruined buildings? Stay tuned!

(I like the idea of the sept-hexes as an organizing device, but in practice, I find their layout - in not quite horizontal rows - a little counter-intuitive. They aren't laid out in either a standard grid or in the way we ordinarily read hex maps, which means that it's hard for me to make any kind of mental map that matches what I've drawn on paper. Also, while there is a certain convenience to looking at the hexes in groups of seven, since each hex within the sept-hex can have its own terrain, it's not that much more convenient than just looking at them individually.)

(The procedures for randomly generating hex contents in Lesserton & Mor are also maybe not quite as streamlined as they could be, particularly the procedures for generating buildings. A small amount of that may be because I was using pdfs and the website, which makes things like flipping through the pages, cross-referencing information from the Labyrinth Lord rulebook, and even changing dice sizes a little slower than if I were using the print books and physical dice. But even bearing that in mind, I can't help but think that it must be possible to write a set of procedures that create similar results a little faster.)

(Because of the way they were generated, some of the buildings are empty, some contain monsters, and some contain treasure - and of course, some contain monsters and treasure. I treated any building with a basement as an "empty room" and applied Labyrinth Lord's recommended 15% chance of unprotected treasure. Some of the monsters inhabiting the buildings are quite deadly, and some are protecting a fair bit of treasure as well. If my players decide to explore the buildings in this cluster, and if their characters survive the exploration, they're likely to find more money and more magic than they've uncovered up until now.)

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