Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DCC House Rule - Lucky Weapon

I'm planning to add a house-rule to the Dungeon Crawl Classics games I referee to modify the DCC Warrior's "lucky weapon."  In the rules as written, Warriors permanently add their starting 1st level Luck modifier to attack rolls for a weapon of their choice.

On the one hand, I like that this is a new take on older mechanic's like the Ranger's "favored weapon" or the Fighter's "weapon specialization."  On the other hand, I have the same objections to it that I have to DCC's "lucky roll" - only about a quarter of Warriors get an actually-lucky weapon, while half get no modifier at all, and another quarter get an un-lucky weapon.

The rules as written also mention that Warriors should be able to perform weapon-specific Mighty Deeds of Arms with each type of weapon.  No weapon-specific Deeds are given in the rules; instead it's recommended that each referee write their own weapon-specific Deed for each weapon.  My objection to that is that it's a lot of extra writing before you can even get started.

So, my house rule is that at 1st level, each Warrior chooses a lucky weapon.  Warriors receive a permanent +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls with their lucky weapon, regardless of their starting Luck score.  In addition, a Warrior automatically knows one weapon-specific Deed for their lucky weapon.  (A warrior might be able to learn additional weapon-specific Deeds, but only if they "quest for it.")

As with my house-rule on "lucky rolls," if a referee felt that Warriors with very high Luck scores deserved a larger bonus, that would probably work fine, although in that case, I would probably recommend returning to modifying only the attack roll, since a +2 or +3 damage bonus, in addition to the bonus for exceptional Strength, is quite a lot for the few characters it would affect.

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