Wednesday, August 16, 2023

And the Gold Ennie for Best Supplement Goes To...

By now you've probably heard the good news, but just in case you haven't...
Video of the awards ceremony is below. The Best Supplement segment starts at 2h 50m 20s, and the announcement of the gold winner starts at 3h 00m 36s.
Congratulations first of Charles Ferguson-Avery and Alex Coggon at Wet Ink Games for winning the Silver Ennie with Into the Cess & Citadel
I also wanted to thank and congratulate everyone else who worked on Barkeep. This was a very large project, and I contributed a small part of it. I'm proud and honored to have been on this team.
Once again, big thanks to WFS of Prismatic Wasteland for originating the project and including me on the team.

Thank you and congratulations to the other co-authors - Ava Islam of Permanent Cranial Damage, Ben L of Mazirian's Garden, Chris McDowall of Bastionland, emmy verte of Spooky Action at a Distance, Gus L of All Dead Generations, Luka Rejec of Wizard Thief Fighter, Marcia B of Traverse Fantasy, Nick LS Whelan of Papers & Pencils, Ty Pitre of Mindstorm, and Zedeck Siew
Ava, Nick, and Ty also helped edit. Gus and Luka also provided art. KT Nguyen proofread and did layout.

Thank you and congrats as well to all the other artists who worked contributed to the book - Acid Lich, Amanda Ho, Artie Esquire, bertdrawsstuff, Caleb Nelson, Conor Ricks of Mighty Spark!, DemiDevilQueen, Emiel Boven of Lizard Mail, Guy Pradel, Hodag of No Foes No Traps, Keny Widjaja, Norn Noszka, Sam Mameli of Better Legends, Sam Miller of Save vs Worm, and torthevic.

Hurray for us all!

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